About Association of Bankers, Bangladesh Limited

A get together party of the Bankers was held at Gulshan Club on 21st August 1996 at the invitation of Mr. Lutfar Sarker, former Managing Director, Prime Bank Limited. In this meeting it was a proposal from Mr. Lutfar Rahman Sarker to set up Bankers CLub with an objective to develop relationship among the bankers and also discuss common issues and problems confronting the Banks.

Initially a 7 members committee was formed. Later it was incorporated on 15th April 1997 with the Registrar of Jt. Stock Company as Bankers Club Limited. The name of the Club was changed from Bankers Club Limited to Association of Bankers, Bangladesh Limited as per EGM on 18th December, 2003. Presently the Association has holding about 135 members including about 16 members from retired Bankers.