Message from the Chairman


Speech of honorable Chairman for ABB Night

It is a great honor for me to speak before you on this occasion. First of all, I would like to convey, on behalf of ABB, our respect towards the memory of the founder Chairman late Lutfor Rahman Sarker who played the main role in its formation. Let us pray for eternal peace of his departed soul. To day, I am very happy to see the presence of the members of ABB even after very busy schedule. Thank you very much for attending the program.

You are aware that the Association of Bankers Bangladesh Limited formerly known as Banker’s club Limited is now in its second decade. Meantime the association has been marching ahead to achieve its objectives & goals.

We have seen, senior bankers have led this association to a prestigious position where the regulator, government and civil society to-day has accepted the association view point on industry matters.

I do believe, as a group of professionals in Banking industry, we have infront of us the task to ensure that we not only hold on to this position but should meaningfully contribute in future.

In order to do so I foresee that we have to develop in house capacity of research and analysis wings. This will assist us in making meaningful contribution when we are in dialogue with the regulators, government and the civil society. i.e. as a group of professional in the Banking industry we will have to better manage our image and perception.

However, we are passing a fruitful period for the current Board of governors of the association of Bankers. The prudent guidelines of the Board in leading the association to its desired goal during the time gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction a lot. Meantime,we have taken some effective steps to take the association ahead which are as under:

With a view to strengthening the activities of ABB, two sub-committees have been formed consisting of different members: One committee is for Bangladesh Bank circulars and the other committee is for Cultural & Publication affairs.

A. Committee for Bangladesh Bank circular:
• Mr. Mohammed Nurul Amin, Managing Director, Meghna Bank Ltd.
• Mr.Syed Mahbubur Rahman. Managing Director, BRAC Bank Ltd.
• Mr. Md. Mehmood Hossain, Managing Director, Bank Asia Ltd.

The above committee is going through the circulars thoroughly issued by Bangladesh Bank from time to time relating to different policy issues & apprising of the matter in the monthly meeting for taking next course of action.

B. Cultural & Publication Committee:
• Mr. Anis A. Khan, Managing Director, Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.
• Mr. Md. Ehsan Khasru, Managing Director, Prime Bank Ltd.
• Mr. Dr. Mohammed Haider Ali Miah, Managing Director, EXIM Bank LTD.

This committee is looking after the affairs of cultural & publication side of ABB & also apprising the Board of Governors about their activities/progress in the monthly meeting.

1. To increase the number of membership:
All Banks MDs and CEOs who are yet to be member of ABB have been requested in writing to become member. In this regard ABB is receiving positive response from them. The progress are as under:

As on 31.12.2013- Members from MDs/CEOs of Banks were 29
As on 31.07.2014 - Now total numbers of MDs/CEOs stands: 35

Apart from above, the number of general members have also been increased which are as under:

As on 31.12.2013 - Number of general members were 111
As on 31.07.2014 - Now total general members stands: 125

2. To improve the fund position of ABB:
Member’s monthly subscriptions have been enhanced from Tk.600.00 to tk.1000.00 effective from 1st January 2014.

3.Collection of Members subscription:
Effective steps have been taken for collection of pending overdue subscription of the members

4. Collection of yearly contribution from the banks:
The Board of governors has stressed the need for collection of yearly contribution from the banks timely. following up those banks which are yet to clear their dues

5.Monthly meeting of the Board of Governors:
The meeting is being held on regular basis of each month at the sponsorship of different intending members of the Board of governors.

6.Implementation status of the last meeting:
With a view to monitoring the effectiveness of the meeting, the system of implementation status of the last meeting has been introduced.

7.To maintain FDR A/Cs with maximum 2-3 Banks instead of many Banks:
FDR accounts are being maintained with 2-3banks, where there is a high rate of interest instead of maintaining with different banks.

8.Opening an account for CSR fund from yearly Bankers contribution:
In the name of account of “Bankers welfare fund” has been opened where 5% from all Banks yearly contribution is being deposited for the purpose of welfare of Bankers or any other purpose as deem fit.

9. Appointment of Sr. level professional Banker for ABB:
For effective monitoring and supervision of all the activities of ABB, one senior level professional Banker namely Dr. MA Yousuf Khan has been recently appointed for ABB.

Besides this, following two decisions are awaiting for implementation:

• Nationwide Conference for the executive of all Banks.
ABB has decided to arrange a nationwide seminar on 18 October, 2014 with the executive of all banks ranging from SVP to above.

Meantime a concept paper has been prepared by the cultural and publication committee.

• Purchase of Land/ floor space for ABB:
ABB is thinking over to purchase a floor space preferably Land in a good location so that all the activities like seminar, workshop, training programme may be arranged convincetly and smoothly after disposing off existing floor space at kakrail.

I would like to conclude my speech here. But before concluding I would like to thank all the members, fellow CEOs of other banks and especially the Board of governors including the staff of the Association of Bankers, Bangladesh limited for their continuous support & guidance in running the association successfully.

I also must express my gratitude to the regulators and different government agencies for giving us patience hearing & solving the problems.

With best wishes. Thank you once again.